For Immediate Release : 27 January, 2017, Philadelphia, PA.


Tank Spotter Launches onto Google Play Store, Empowers Its Position as One of the Most Useful Apps for the Propane Industry

Tank Spotter, the critically acclaimed App based safety and analysis app for the propane industry has launched an update that further enhances its position as one of the best sales, maintenance, compliance and safety management apps for propane and gas companies.


Tank Spotter offers best in class tools for propane companies to enhance sales, and smartly perform maintenance, check compliance and safety, is now on the Google App Play Store. Featured in multiple propane industry magazines from the propane industry like: LPGas, BPN and Propane Canada, the app remains one of the industry’s best propane software tools.

“Every day we work really hard to assure Tank Spotter is up to date and that it contains every little detail important for the propane industry. With the various tools, documents and tests available in the form of an app, companies have no more worries about maintenance, compliance and safety in their operation. Tank Spotter still offers the most consistent and reliable propane installation, sales and safety call and documentation that helps improve the safety of the customers”, stated Bill Stomp, Tank Spotter CEO.


The 4 core benefits of using Tank Spotter are reducing risks, increasing sales, improving maintenance management and enhancing and supporting the compliance and safety efforts. These 4 benefits are achieved through various extremely useful individual features. First the app gives the option to locate  propane and heating oil tanks that might have safety or maintenance issues and view it and manage it remotely. It also gives tools to improve the marketing and sales by capturing the location and mailing address of all competitor tanks.

One exciting feature of Tank Spotter is that it tracks and identifies any installations, leak checks or propane gas checks that may have been done out of specifications and identifies this to management while also alerting the technician at time of installation or testing. The app also includes all of the needed forms in the industry to stay organized and paperless. On top of the Tank Spotter App can create invoices and estimates on the go with great intuitive and editing features. The fact that it is now on the Google App Play Store makes it really easy to get for all employees. Office personnel will love it as all data, forms, tests and estimates are instantly stored for them in a digital file cabinet (cloud server) so they can sort and filter for any document without ever leaving their desk.

“We are fully aware of how helpful Tank Spotter is to propane and gas companies. We have a solid user base, but as we continue to grow, Tank Spotter will be constantly improved to offer great support and great set of management, maintenance and safety features that companies will make use of”, Mr. Stomp added.

The app is available for Android devices.

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